The call of the Americas

09. May 2016

Building an immersive BUBEN&ZORWEG experience from Mexico City to Buenos Aires.

Imagine exotic landscapes, beautiful cities, friendly people and interesting cultures. To travel from Mexico City, with stopovers in Caracas, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, until catching the sight of the skyline of Buenos Aires, one would have leaped a distance of no less than 14 000 km.

Along the way you would certainly make friends for life and leave a mark on the places you have visited. Welcome to the life of Harald Buben!

The co-founder of BUBEN&ZORWEG, along with Christian Zorweg, rarely stays in one place for long. Permanently travelling the globe, his last tour through the Americas resulted in the opening of a series of new BUBEN&ZORWEG Corners, Shop-in-Shops and Boutiques where the marque´s Masterpieces take center stage.

And this means partnering with some of the best retailers in the world like Berger in Mexico City that just last June opened a dedicated BUBEN&ZORWEG room at its Presidente Masaryk shop.

Further south, in Venezuela, Daoro Jewellers introduced BUBEN&ZORWEG through a brand new Shop-in-Shop to the watch aficionados and collectors of Caracas.

Or Mosso in Santiago de Chile, where last November the renewal of its main shop included a large 50 m² BUBEN&ZORWEG Boutique that exhibits almost all Masterpieces in the collection. Rock & Roll stars Kiss and the Rolling Stones joined the opening party and had the chance to admire creations like the XTREME (One-77), the Grand Collector or the Grande Precision.

But the tour is far from over. Further south, in Brazil’s sunny metropolis, São Paulo, Jeweler Frattina is preparing to welcome BUBEN&ZORWEG with a dedicated Corner in order to introduce our Masterpieces to the most discerning Brazilian watch collectors and aficionados.

And this autumn, Buenos Aires, the beautiful capital of Argentina, will see Jeweler Simonetta Orisini open a new Shop-in-Shop fully dedicated to the universe of BUBEN&ZORWEG.

All first class Jewelers that joined, or are about to join, the selected group of BUBEN&ZORWEG partners around the world offer their customers an immersive experience through a BUBEN&ZORWEG Corner, Shop-in-Shop or Boutique.